About Us

Paulo Correia and José Carvalho were the coaches who started the project Dossier do Treinador. In June 2011 was published the 1st edition in book format (See here), achieving an old dream that both had. Filling an editorial gap in Portugal, and with the support of Primebooks publisher, the authors created a book with many types of data sheet that a coaches need to develop its work with quality during the sports season.

In 2012 it was published a 2nd edition of the book (See here), with new types of data sheet and adjustments in some data sheets from the previous edition. The number of coaches who used the Dossier do Treinador kept growing and, in an attempt to reach more and more coaches, was launched in 2013 the digital version.

This important step was achieved because Tiago Pinho joined the project and together with Paulo Correia, managed to turn the paper version in an online software that reached even more coaches not just in Portugal, but all over the world, since it was available in multiple languages. The software has gradually won its place in the coaches community, especially in Portugal. At the end of 2013 was launched the Futsal version and so another sports modality that so many people love joined the family.

The family started to grow again in 2014 when the DTBoard, an iPad only app, was released (See here) this app is an exercise editor that allows the coach to edit and organize its exercises, the online store 442 losango (www.442losango.com) with a wide range of products that allow the coach to become more competent in different areas of intervention and the web site Livre Indireto (www.livreindireto.com) aimed to create a database of Players, Teams and Football Championships, from diverse age groups and competitive levels.

2015 was the year of another update on Dossier do Treinador with improvements in all data sheets, a reshuffle in the overall functioning of the software and a big improvement to the application design with a view to further expansion and always with the goal of having the software even better, more complete and easier to use for coaches who do not want complications and love the magic of going to the field.

The project Dossier do Treinador has all the conditions to continue to evolve and establish itself as one of the best known brands by coaches.

Team Dossier do Treinador.