What is Dossier do Treinador?

It’s a software created for coaches. The application has the most varied types of data sheet for the coach to do its work throughout the whole season with the best possible quality in all areas of the coaching intervention. The types of data sheet that make up the software are: Club; Squad; Players; Attendance; Weekly Planning; Convocation; Matches; Competitions; Training Plan; Tactis and style of play; Free Kicks/Corners/Throw-in; Opponents; Scouting; Annual Record; Statistics (club, squad, players) and Meetings.

Where can I purchase the Dossier do Treinador?

The Dossier do Treinador can be purchased directly at www.dossierdotreinador.com or on Primebooks website at www.primebooks.pt. A Simple and quick Sign Up on Primebooks’s website is required so you can carry on the purchase. After the payment, Primebooks will send you an activation code by email within 24 hours.

Where can I Sign Up on the Dossier do Treinador?

To Sign Up for the Dossier do Treinador you must access www.dossierdotreinador.com and click on the Sign Up button.

I need to be connected to the Internet to use the Dossier do Treinador?

Yes. This software runs in the browser, online. Each user has an account. After the Sign Up, the user access to the account logging in with the email and password. However, despite the software is online based, you have the option to print all the records you want or export them as PDF to your computer or tablet.

In which devices does the Dossier do Treinador work? And how many devices can be used with each account?

The Dossier do Treinador works on any device with an internet connection (i.e. Computer, Tablet, …). Because this software works online, each account allows the user to access from any computer, tablet or other device with an internet connection.

Do I need to download any file or program? There is an installation CD?

This software works online, in the browser, at the address www.dossierdotreinador.com the only thing you need to do is Sign Up at www.dossierdotreinador.com. This way you do not need to download any program or file, and no installation CD is required. Everything is online with just one simple Sign Up.

The user data sheets can be exported? And can be printed?

Yes, they can! You can, whenever you want, print any of the created data sheets and you can export them as PDF format to your device (computer, tablet, etc.).

In which sports the software is available?

The Dossier do Treinador is available for Football and Futsal.

How are made the updates? I have to pay anything for software updates?

The Dossier do Treinador team is constantly working to make the application better. For this reason, constant updates are made, improving up some features and introducing new ones. These updates are made automatically in the system without the user having to do anything and has no additional cost.

The Dossier do Treinador account has no expiry date?

No. Each Account have an expiry date that varies with the Account Plan that you choose. After the account expires, the user has the option to renew the account and can continue to use all the features of the software. If you do not renew the license, you continue to have access to your account and your data sheets created previously but you can not change them/edit them.