Dossier do Treinador
The Dossier do Treinador is a application for Football and Futsal Coaches. It works online and provides the tools that a Coach needs to create and organize their work throughout the season in the Coach's various areas of intervention.
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This application is ready for teams of 11, 9, 8, 7, 5 players Football and Futsal for both Men and Women. The user only need to choose the variant that fits his needs and the software will automatically be prepared and configured properly.
  • Access everywhere
  • Always updated
  • Football 11, 9, 8, 7, 5 and Futsal
  • More than 22 types of data sheet
  • Export all data sheets to PDF
  • Complete and intuitive exercises editor
  • Design simple to use
  • Automatic statistics
  • Best team of contributors
  • Best ratio Quality - Price
"It’s very good, lacks nothing. I think it is an extraordinary tool for all types of coaches, a great step forward for the organization, methodology and the productivity. Congratulations to the Authors!"
Manuel Sérgio
  • Normal
    365 days
    • More than 22 types of data sheet
    • Export to PDF
    • Always Updated
    • Access anywhere
The 365-day license allows the access to all types of data sheet and functionality of the Dossier do Treinador. The constant updates that are being carried out in the application do not have any additional cost to the user.
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